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I really hate using Lime Wire. Every time I look up something this result pops up thats just adding "cute girl has orgasm on webcam" on the end. I keep gettin shit like "where is my mind cute girl has orgasm on webcam" and "hot butter popcorn cute girl has orgasm on webcam". Do they really think they're gonna trick me? Lime Wire assholes!

Also: If anyone knows what Rhamnus the foliage uses in flower arrangements typically looks like please tell me cus I'm not spending another hour of my life looking at every different species known to man.

Thank you.

And. Its gonna be really hot out on Thursday. Wear your sunglasses.
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I just need to know if this guy is real or not because I really really hope he is! If you have any information on him fill me in! I'm pretty sure hes for real but I really dont wanna be let down.

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So after reading up on some stuff online I found out that Narconon is pretty much the exact same things that Scientologists do. I guess I'm a Scientologist now, or at least completely qualified. Whoa! How come no one told me?

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I'm going to California for the next 3-6 months. If you want to get in touch with me you can call my mom and ask her for the address in the next week at 262-284-4540 or get in touch with someone else who I keep in close contact with.



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So my phone broke and now I have no phone numbers. You should give me your phone number so I can stop feeling so helpless hah. I'm movin back to Port above the barn with Jesse. Wooooo! Godzilla's gettin used to livin in the apartment, but I think he really misses Anna. I miss Anna! Otherwise not much has been goin on with me. I went to this camping music thing in southern IL last weekend and got stuck down by St. Louis. That was real fun. For real, it was actually pretty fun. I'm gonna go to Seek tomorrow and try and find a temp job. Wish me luck!
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So Anna got this really cool Narwhal, or however you spell it, play set from the mall and I'm really jealous. YOU CAN SPEAR BABY SEALS AND PENGUINS AND KOALAS AND SHIT! WITH INTERCHANGABLE SPEAR/HORNS THAT HAVE DIFFERENT POWERS! Whatever. I got a really cool bike for my birthday. I'm just gonna keep thinkin of that.

I have really bad allergies and smoke Newports. I pretty much don't breath anymore.

I was really happy to see the "Gimme Some More" video on "Hip Hops Funniest Videos" even though I just like that video and I never really thought it was THAT funny.

- finish that crazy pink book
- find and use my old journal
- do pilates
- play more frisbee
- get a better bike lock
- move already

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So everyones been telling me for months they keep seeing this person that looks like my twin. I really hope I run into her and we play tricks on people like Sister Sister. Oh yeah, and I cant find my heart of the ocean necklace. Its pissing me off. I mean, come on, where the hell could it be, its not like my rooms messy or anything thing.


Girl Talk in Madison on March 24th aka the day after my birthday! Remember to get a UWM student to get you free tickets! Call Danielle possibly?